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What is the difference between Netjer, Netjeru, and Netjeri?


Netjer refers to all of the Egyptian gods at once. For example: Thank netjer that the rain has stopped

Netjeru refers to a specific deity. For example: Aset is a tricksy netjeru.

Netjeri refers to non-deity, and non-human beings in the Unseen. In many ways, this could encompass things such as “demons” or fae.


Cat Superstitions →



  1. When you see a one-eyed cat, spit on your thumb, stamp it in the palm of your hand, and make a wish. The wish will come true.
  2. A kitten born in May is a witches cat.
  3. A black cat seen from behind - a bad omen.
  4. A black cat crossing your path - good luck.
  5. A black cat crossing one’s…

20 Clever Altar Ideas



Do you have a small apartment? Do you share your space with someone who doesn’t respect your privacy? Do you prefer to keep you altar out of the way of prying eyes, or be able to bring it with you on the go? Use some of these ideas for creating a Pagan altar that will fit into the smallest spaces, be portable, or hidden in plain view.

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